The Rock 

I stand on this rock

Looking out to the ocean

The water is calm

The sun lightly beams on me

Through the clouds

I hear You calling my name

It quickly puts a smile on my face

A warm feeling wraps around my heart

And you begin to speak to me

“Why have You been running from me?”

Tears flow down my face

Because it is sadly the truth

Before I answer You say,

“Don’t pull away from Me.  I want closeness

And you need it, your heart yearns it

Don’t deprive yourself from unimaginable happiness”

How am I receiving something so beautiful?

When I am undeserving

All I seem to mutter is,

“I need you, I don’t know why I keep running”

I feel a slight breeze

And in a whisper I hear,

“You run because you don’t understand

Lean on Me

Trust in Me

Only then you will understand

That You were made for me

And I’m intended for you

To love

To nurture

To guide you right into my arms”

In awe- I still remain

Standing on the Rock

Watching the calm waters

No longer running

But seeking Your presence once again