The music dances into the air

Making its way out of the establishment

Turning and swerving around the masses

Waiting in the front door

To lure you in

The crowd waits to get passively patted down


Mixes of people from everywhere arrive

Yet all the same to the beat of the music

Controlled by the bass

Seduced by the words

Subdued by the repetition of it all

In or out

You’re captured by it

Tempted by its attractiveness


Hours and hours pass

The end is near

Music slows down

Last call is on the brink

The mass becomes more alive

As if to wake from a slumber

Jolted back into this reality


Music wants its revenge

Movements are no longer rhythmic

But becoming violent

Fists are formed

Foul words pollute the air 

It chokes them



They want to break free

The mass turns on each other

Bottles are thrown

Drinks have become confetti

Women are now unstable creatures

Where’s the music?

Where’s the hypnotizing music?

That once controlled the mass of people

It has unleashed this madness

Or has it only shown the 

REALITY of it all?