Untitled as of now.. Inspired by relationships around me. 

When you came into my life

You caught me by surprise

I wasn’t searching

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love

Here I am now

Deeply invested

Unleashing all the love

I have within

Time pass

And by surprise

You completely change

Towards me

Towards my love

How am I suppose

To pretend like

Everything is okay

When you are so distant?

What am I suppose to do

With all this love?

All the love I grew for you

Did you know it would

Turn out this way?

Did you know you would

Stop loving me one day?

What am I suppose to do now?

No answer…

Through all the silence

You hear my heart break

And even though it hurts you

To pain me this way

No action is taken

Only the letting go

As you walk away