How did I get stuck in this place again-

Desperately looking for a way out?

I led myself here

To then figure out

I forgot my way back

I run in circles

Only to be left in a daze

Just to end up in the same place

Same pain

Same darkness

The one that wraps itself all around me

Until I can no longer breathe

Or function

But you always come on time

Your love- Your light

Makes the darkness no longer surround me

You never leave

You wait for me to call out Your name

Even if I can’t mutter the words

You hear my heart cry out

And there You are

To save me

To give me love

To shower me in your unexplainable mercy

Unexplainable warmth

Unexplainable light

This is where I’d rather be

Lost in the unexplainable

In all that is You