Dear Mom 

Am I not suppose to trust you?

Aren’t you suppose to look out for me?

Sometimes I get the feeling

That you feel obligated to

Show me love

Your motherly instinct does not apply

With me

In reality deep down inside

You still hate me

And can’t stand the sight of me

We are both caught and

Stuck in this moment

Where everything went bad

The point where our relationship

Morphed and somehow didn’t survive

The point where there was instant regret

All these years I have done

Nothing but blame myself

Blamed you

Oh, how much I blamed you!

It’s not our fault

It’s definitely not my fault

He came between us

And caused this chaos

My world- your world

Was destroyed in a matter of minutes

The difference between me and you, Mother

You have moved on

And left me behind

Under all this debris

Where I’m not able to

Breathe, move, or see anything

Around me

You left me here

You didn’t reach out for me

You didn’t get help

I’ve been waiting for years

But you never came back

For me