Just on my mind

Haven’t updated in a while…. so here goes–

So many things are on my mind

Why am I here?

Why are you here, now, in my life?

How did we end up here?

Dancing and twirling in confusion

Singing a song that is off tune

Laughing without feeling

Are we pretending?

We move on and on

With no set purpose

Just the mass chaos that goes on

In our minds

In our hearts

In our soul

As long as we can hide this pain

Cover all the hurt from the past

I am completely content

With the thought of continuing this extravagant show

For everyone to see

I will just have to live another day

With this uneasy feeling

That maybe it is not right

But what is?

Maybe these are just fabricated thoughts

That come about to entertain me

Just the things

That crowd my mind

To escape from the grips

Of this overwhelming sadness